Hand Crafted Jewellery and Luxurious Cashmere

Product Care

Jewellery Care Information

Caring for your Cashmere

Cashmere is an exquisite natural fibre, valued for its warmth and softness.

Lightly hand wash in luke warm water, using a small amount of gentle wool wash detergent.
Avoid fabric softener, it actually does the opposite for Cashmere.
Rinse well then 
squeeze or press water from garment. DO NOT WRING.
Dry flat in the shade. Turn your garment over at least once, allowing it to dry well on both sides. DO NOT HANG.
If required, warm steam iron the inside of the garment.


Cashmere being a natural fibre will experience some pilling, especially when new.
This will mainly occur in areas that experience friction, like under the arms or from bag straps across the body. 
Pills can be easily removed by hand or by using a cashmere comb.
Washing will minimise pilling and enhance the softness of the garment.

Be Careful With Cosmetics and Your Jewellery

Apply perfume, hair spray and other cosmetics before putting on your jewellery. In this way you can minimize the amount of these products that comes into contact with your jewellery. Even natural body oils & perspiration can dull the lustre. This may be worse when some medications are consumed.

After wearing your jewellery, wipe it clean with a soft cloth to remove any traces of cosmetic product or body oils. Do not immerse your jewellery in liquids.
Avoid exposing jewellery to extremes of temperature. E.g. A locked car in full sun.


Pearls Require Special Care

Pearls are an organic gem composed of calcium carbonate. They are softer and more delicate than other gemstones, and they can therefore be more easily scratched, cracked and damaged. In addition, substances such as perfume and hair spray – and even natural body oils and perspiration can dull the luster of pearls or cloud their brilliance. For these reasons, your pearls require a bit of special care to ensure they remain beautiful and last a lifetime.

Wash the pearls periodically with a mild soap and a soft cloth, to remove any accumulated build up.

Because of their delicacy, pearls should be stored separately, away from hard jewellery items, to prevent scratches or other damage. If possible store them wrapped in soft cloth or in a soft lined container, pouch or jewellery box.


Have Your Jewellery restrung and Knotted For Safety

To prevent strand breakage, it is a good idea to have your jewellery restrung periodically, perhaps once a year if you wear a piece often. Knotting between each pearl or piece is advised.

Pieces strung on jewellery wire should be stored so the wire is not crimped.

A little care can go a long way toward ensuring that your jewellery remains safe and bright for years to come.

925 Sterling Silver
Over time sterling silver exposed to air will tarnish. It is the other metals, primarily copper that reacts to moisture and sulphur in the air, causing the tarnishing.
It advisable not to shower, wearing your sterling silver jewellery because water that contains chlorine, salts or harsh chemicals which will affect the silver.
A soft silver cleaning cloth is the best for cleaning your silver jewellery.